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Project Details

Intern’s Name: Shane Stephenson
Master of Architecture
Internship: DIRTT


Prefabricated Interiors Scholarship

DIRTT initiated a relationship with ITAC to do a marketing deep dive. Activities we collaborated on together included:

  • Breakout sessions with key stakeholders including a look at internally perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Identification of aesthetic tag lines and high impact buzz words for marketing communication
  • Industry research regarding potentially more efficient distribution channels and flow improvements
  • Market research and qualitative survey of high-end residential architects in target regions to identify harmonies and disruptions between DIRTT’s perception and the reality of a newly entered market

“Having worked in the data collection industry for a few years prior to studying architecture I have seen a majority of the Fortune 500 companies making huge pushes to be “data” driven while the building industry has more or less remained the same in its lack of client engagement. DIRTT, however, is an exception to this.

They had questions about how to make the lives of architects and designers easier, so they partnered up with the University of Utah to go straight to the source and hear what architects across North America had to say. It has been extremely fun collaborating with a company as forward thinking and innovative as DIRTT.”

Shane Stephenson, Architecture Graduate, University of Utah