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Project Details

Intern’s Name: Talbot Rice
Master of Architecture
Internship: Fidelity Investments



Fidelity Investments Housing Scholarship

Fidelity Investments was in the process of investigating the potential start-up of an off-site manufacturing company.  However, due diligence can only go so far when you are seen as a direct competitor in a market; and so Fidelity needed the expertise of a non-biased 3rd party to perform and verify their due diligence.  Specifically, the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center at the University of Utah led a 6 month research study to answer the question: “Why do off-site construction manufacturers fail?” and “Why do they Succeed?”  In this business strategies research study, Talbot Rice led a series of surveys and targeted interviews across the country to gather quantitative and qualitative data.  The interviews were targeted to companies that have struggled through the recession and have since failed, companies that survived and have now thrived, and interviews of individuals who have previously been with companies that failed.  After interview data was collected and coalesced, there emerged some revealing findings.  The large financial institution has used the findings from that research study in their start-up efforts to better position themselves in this vulnerable, yet rewarding market.  They could not have accomplished this without the resources that a 3rd party institution has.

The experience in my research study career has given me the utmost advantage and perspective in my occupation today.  I actively approach every task with an open mind and think critically on the impacts that I might have on the built environment.

Talbot Rice, Architecture Graduate, University of Utah