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Project Details

Intern’s Name: Nick Hammer
Master of Architecture
Internship: Oldcastle



Oldcastle Research Fellowship

Oldcastle is North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials. With five distinct divisions in materials, architectural, building envelope, distribution, and precast, there is a lot of opportunity to help unify and share best practices and innovation. As a research fellow Nick Hammer was asked to help pilot a company wide research consortia partnered with the University of Utah. This consortium made of Oldcastle’s regional divisions provides specified research, best practices training, cross discipline development, and a connection to the developing workforce of students.

Through this connection Nick Hammer was then able to conduct specified research of glass frit workflow and implementation techniques. This will allow Oldcastle to develop their frit market, provide necessary support for it’s products, and innovate the market of glass applications for their building envelope division.

“While I am pursuing my Masters of Architecture I first received an undergraduate degree in Engineering and Construction Management. I have always been interested in not only design but the way what we design becomes built. Working with Oldcastle helped linked these passions in a very visceral and experiential way.

I was able to network with experts and develop the skills necessary to produce in our industry. I gained experience in proposal development, research papers, market research development, and organizational administration. These skills will help me on my path to not only becoming an architect, but one that knows how to work with all aspects of the industry and innovate the methods we use.”

Nick Hammer, Architecture Graduate, University of Utah